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In this business, you need service from a company that KNOWS the drilling industry and provides PERSONAL service and assistance. We've been in the industry since 1972, and we go out of our way to get you the right product for your project -- and get it to you FAST.

DRILLPRODUCTS supplies Down the Hole Hammers, DTH Bits, Hammer Hole Openers, New and Rerun Tri Cone Bits and Hole Openers, Drill Steel, Diverters, Threaded Casing, Drive Shoes, Cross Over Subs, Steel and PVC Casing Elevators, Rod Wipers, Drilling Fluids and Thread Compounds

We've built a great reputation for quality products, dependable service, and competitive prices.

When you buy from Drill Products, you aren't dealing with an impersonal mega-company or people who don't know and understand the drilling industry. You're working directly with individuals who have decades of combined experience and expertise ... and a strong desire to provide the best customer service possible.

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